Spur Steak Ranches saw the need to develop soccer and life skills amongst young South Africans from previously disadvantaged areas. Since the launch of the Spur Soccer Masidlale program in 2005, the program has touched the lives of over 30 000 boys and girls within these communities across South Africa. The program started off with annual soccer clinics and became a seven week program whereby boys and girls aged 10-12 years enjoy weekly league games ending in regional finals. The winning teams get to enjoy a tasty Spur meal and then become player mascots at a PSL soccer game.

A life skills mentorship initiative is also attached to the program in order to empower our Spur Masidlale kids to be able to make the best life choices. The life skills mentorship program consists of various storytelling and feedback sessions focusing on the fundamental aspects that ultimately empower the learners. After conducting interview and examination sessions with the kids, a full high school bursary is offered through our association with Sikelela Xabisa organisation.

Spur Steak Ranches not only provides lunch for the players during the programme but the sponsorship also extends to providing Spur branded soccer kit, equipment and trained soccer coaches, all with the goal of creating the best learning environment. There are 200 boys and girls per region that take part in the Spur Soccer Masidlale programme.

Although continually progressing, the core of the Spur Soccer Masidlale program remains unchanged, and continues to focus on its mission of reaching more children in the most constructive of ways.

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