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Little Eagle Spur Newmarket Park

Generator Disabled Facilities Kids' Activities Smoking Area Wireless Access

The Lemon Tree Centre
Cnr Swartkoppies & Heidelberg Rd
Newmarket Park

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Sunday to Thursday: 08h00 - 22h00
Friday and Saturday: 08h00 - 23h00

About the Little Eagle Spur

 If you’re looking for the perfect venue to take your friends, family or colleagues out to enjoy a great meal amidst a warm, vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere – then Little Eagle Spur family restaurant in Alberton is the place for you. With our great service and fantastic menu, filled with classic dishes, as well as more recent meal additions, you can be guaranteed that every member of your group will leave feeling satisfied and valued.

We offer delicious dishes that are specially prepared by our passionate chefs who utilise only the finest ingredients. This way we can ensure the precise flavours, original tastes and tantalising aromas that have made us the best ribs, burger and steak restaurant for innumerable families in New Market Park, Alberton.

Our vibrantly-themed dining area and layout, that are exclusive to the Spur franchise, provide the perfect backdrop for any event. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, hosting a staff lunch or sharing an intimate meal with the ones you love, we can accommodate you. The Play Canyon is also a key feature that reaffirms our commitment to family dining as kids can enjoy various activities in the comfort of a safe, secure and equipped facility.

No one should be excluded from the classic Spur experience, including patrons with special requirements. Little Eagle Spur family restaurant takes brand dedication to family-dining very seriously and also includes the following:

·         Facilities for disabled patrons

·         Smokers’ section

·         Free wireless access

The Little Eagle Spur family restaurant in New Market Park, Alberton truly is the perfect venue for wholesome fun, surrounded by your favourite people. So bring them all down to partake of the joy and excitement here, while creating fond new memories in the most-welcoming environment.

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Good Place

Submited by: TJ van der Merwe

Weekdays quite ideal for a break between Clients or Business Meetings!

5 of 5 Stars

Submited by: TJ van der Merwe

Weekdays quite ideal for a break between Clients or Buisiness Meetings!