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Spur Steak Ranches Kids Safety

Spur Steak Ranches Kids Safety

At Spur Corporation we take the safety of our customers and children very seriously and provide our franchisees with the necessary tools, operational support and training to ensure safe and happy visits to our restaurants. Our focus has always been to provide a safe, welcoming and inviting restaurant where families can relax and enjoy themselves. Our franchisees undergo training to prioritize the safety and comfort of all customers and to handle numerous situations, including the serious threat or risk to children.

Play Canyon areas have play canyon attendants who receive ongoing training to provide the best possible care to ensure the enjoyment and safety of every child. Our franchisee’s approach is pre-emptive – attendants constantly monitor the situation in the Play Canyon and report any suspicious or irregular behaviour to management. All equipment and toys in the children’s area are safe and our franchisees take precautions to ensure accidents don’t happen.

Play Canyons are equipped with security cameras and in some instances this is broadcast as a live feed to various monitors in the restaurant so parents can keep an eye on their children while they play. While our franchisees make every effort to ensure the safety of all children, it is also the responsibility of the parent to look after their own children. Spur has always advised parents to accompany children to the toilet facilities, in fact, our staff have been instructed not to accompany any child to the restroom, this responsibility resides with the parent. The rules that govern our Play Canyons have been clearly placed on all Play Canyon entrances.

Because safety is such a high priority, we’re additionally updating and improving our policies and facilities, we are busy investigating technology to enhance our safety in the play areas.

For over 50 years, we have played a leading role in ensuring that South Africa’s children are happy and in a safe environment. 


The Spur Team

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