What is the Spur Family Card?
The Family Card is Spur's very own loyalty card program. It has especially been designed to provide our loyal customers with great rewards. The Spur Family Card allows you to earn a R50 voucher every time you reach an accumulative spend of R1500 (excl. VAT and waitron tip) when dining at any Spur Steak Ranch within South Africa. Once you reach a spend of R1500, it is automatically converted into a R50 Spur meal voucher which is valid for redemption for 3 years from the date of loading.

The Family Card is available in a physical card format and in an electronic format - the eFamily Card. The eFamily Card allows members to be a part of the loyalty club without needing to carry around a physical card. eFamily Card members can sign up and transact immediately by accessing www.familycard.co.za via their smartphones, tablets or computers. Just as with the physical Family Card, eFamily Card members can earn and redeem vouchers and check their statements while enjoying their meal at any Spur in South Africa.

What are the benefits of being a Family Card member?

How do I earn a R50 voucher?
It's simple: for every R1500 you spend (excl. VAT and waitron tip) at your favourite Spur Steak Ranch, you'll earn a R50 Spur meal voucher.

To allocate your bill to your total spend, simply present your Family Card or unique 6-digital code (for eFamily Card members) to your waitron. Once reach a total spend of R1500, a R50 Spur meal voucher will automatically be loaded onto your card/eCard.

Please note:

How do I sign up to be a Family Card member?
There are two ways of joining the Spur Family Card Club.

  1. Visit any Spur Steak Ranch and ask for a Family Card Application Leaflet.
    • Register your card using one of the four options listed.
  2. Visit www.familycard.co.za and register for an online eFamily Card.

Ensure you swipe your card/transact with your eCard at the end of your meal to start adding to your total spend.

What is an eFamily Card?
The eFamily Card is a digital/electronic version of the Family Card. It allows members to sign-up online using their cellphone, computer or tablet via an Internet connection, and allows them to earn and redeem Spur loyalty vouchers all without having a card.

How does the eFamily Card work?
It's easy, just follow these steps:

What is a "Unique 6-digit code" and how does it work?
Spur uses the 6-digit code to identify the eCard to a particular transaction and validates that the transaction being requested is a genuine one.
Remember that adding a bill to your total spend and redeeming vouchers can happen with the same 6-digit code. The 6-digit code is there to identify the member to their transactions.

What happens if my unique 6-digit code expires?
The unique 6-digit code lasts for 15 minutes from the time you request it. Should the time frame expire, no need to worry, just request another code and give this to the waitron. Each time either a new unique 6-digit code is requested or a previously requested code expires, the previous unique 6-digit code becomes invalid.

How do I generate my unique 6-digit code?
Once you have enjoyed your meal at Spur and would like to conclude your visit, follow these easy steps:

How do I add my bill on my Family Card?
To  add my bill, simply present your Family Card or unique 6-digital code to your waitron and your bill total (excl. VAT and waitron tip) will be added to your total spend. Once you've reached a spend of R1500 (excl. VAT and waitron tip), a R50 Spur meal voucher will automatically be loaded onto your card.

How do I know when my spend has been converted to a Spur voucher?
Vouchers are loaded on the Family Card/assigned to the eFamily Card profile. The member will be notified that there is a R50 voucher available via SMS or email, provided we have the correct contact details of the card holder.

How do I redeem my vouchers?
As soon as you've accumulated a total spend of R1500, a R50 Spur meal voucher will be automatically loaded onto your Family Card or eFamily Card profile, which you can use to enjoy a mouth-watering meal at your favourite Spur restaurant.

Once you have enjoyed your meal at Spur and would like to conclude your visit and redeem your vouchers, either hand in your Family Card to your waitron and inform him that you would like to redeem your voucher or if you have a eFamily Card account and would like to redeem your voucher, follow these easy steps:

Please note the following:

How long are my vouchers valid for?
Your Spur vouchers are valid for three years from date of issue.

How do I check my total spend?
If you have a physical Family Card just ask your Spur waitron for a balance slip. Your waitron will check your balance at our point of sale and print a balance slip for you. You can also log onto www.familycard.co.za via your computer or tablet device, or m.familycard.co.za via your mobile phone, or alternatively you can call Customer Care on 086 000 7787.

If you are an eFamily Card holder, log on to your account via www.familycard.co.za to view your total spend or statement.

How do I know that my transaction is safe?
We do this by getting each member to register. Each time you transact, to earn or redeem vouchers, you will log in to www.familycard.co.za and request a unique 6-digit code. You will then write this code down onto the pro-forma invoice and give it to the waitron. The waitron enters your unique 6-digit code into the point of sale & loyalty system (rather than swiping the card). In this way, the system knows that it is a genuine transaction, and you earn or redeem your vouchers.

What if I am a physical card member and want to become a digital card member?
Simply go to the website, go to the Family Card page and apply for an eFamily Card. Contact the Call Centre (086 000 7787) and they will assist with transferring your details.

What if I forget my login details?
Go to the login page at www.familycard.co.za, click on "Forgot your password? Click here to retrieve". Follow the steps to regain your details.

Do I need to request separate codes for earning and redeeming vouchers?
No, the same unique 6-digit code can be used to both redeem and earn on one transaction. All you need to do is request your unique 6-digit code when you are presented with the pro-forma invoice, write this code onto the pro-forma invoice, and inform your waitron as to what you would like to do:  add your bill to your total spend, redeem a voucher or redeem a voucher and add your bill to your total spend.

Why is the eCard better than a physical card?
With the eCard you do not need to remember to bring your card every time, there is no way of 'losing your card', and it is 'greener' as there is no plastic.

What details do I require when I contact Spur Customer Care?
Name and surname
Date of birth
Spur Family Card number
Cell number and/or email address

What if I forget my card at home when I dine?
Unfortunately if you do not have your card or card number we you will not be able to earn or redeem vouchers. Register your card on www.familycard.co.za so that if you do forget, then you will always have a digital version available and will be able to earn and redeem vouchers without your card always being on you.

What if there is one card and several bills?
A card can only be swiped once in a 24-hour period. Should you visit more than once in a day request to speak to the manager who will be able to help you with this transaction.

What if the bill comes to less than R50 and I ask to redeem a voucher and get change?
Change cannot be given from a voucher. The bill needs to equal or exceed the voucher value.

Can I tip my waiter with my voucher?
Vouchers cannot be used to tip the waitrons.

What if I have more than one voucher and I want to use all of them?
You may use as many vouchers as you wish, as long as the bill total is the same or more than the value of the vouchers.

How long does it take for my bill spend to reflect on my account?
It takes 72 hours for your bill spend to reflect on your account.

What if I want to know my total spend and how many vouchers are on my card?
You can either check online at www.familycard.co.za for registered Family Cards and all eFamily Card holders, or you can call Spur Customer Care (086 000 7787). Alternatively, when you are at a restaurant you can request this information from the waitron by giving the waitron your Family Card details and requesting a print out of your balance.

What if I need a replacement card and it has to be linked immediately?
When you are in a restaurant you can request for this to be done by the waitron. The waitron will contact Spur Customer Care to confirm your previous Family Card is blocked and to then link your new Family Card to your account. You will need to give your waitron the following information:
Your name and surname
Date of birth
Spur Family Card number (The new card to be linked)
Cell number and email address

When redeeming a voucher, does my bill spend still add to my total spend? If so, does the discounted bill total or the full bill total count towards my total spend?
Yes, your bill will still count towards your total spend, however only the discounted value of the bill will count.