What is the difference between a Spur Gift Card and a Spur eGift Card?

The Spur Gift Card is a physical card that can be purchased at any Spur Steak Ranch nationwide.
The Spur eGift Card is a digital version of the card that can be bought anytime, anywhere as long as
you're connected to the Internet. The eGift Card is automatically sent to your chosen recipient via a
SMS with a unique16-digit code and your personal message. Both the physical Spur Gift Card and the
eGift Card can be redeemed at any Spur Steak Ranch within South Africa.

How does the eGift Card work?

As soon as you purchase an eGift Card, the recipient receives a SMS from Spur with a unique 16-digit code and your personal message. You will also receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

How do I redeem my eGift Card?

  1. 1. When you get your bill, write down the 16-digit code on your bill slip.
  2. 2. Let your waitron know the Rand value you wish to redeem i.e. the amount of the bill you wish to pay using your eGift Card.
  3. 3. Your waitron will enter your code into our system, deducting the specified eGift Card amount from your bill.

What is a unique 16-digit code?

Spur uses a unique 16-digit code to link the eGift Card to a specific transaction and validate that the requested transaction is genuine.

What do I do if I lose or delete the SMS with my unique 16-digit code to my eGift Card?

That's easy: Call Customer Care on 086 000 7787. They will confirm that a SMS was sent to you and then resend the SMS to your cellphone.

Does the eGift Card expire?

The amount loaded onto the eGift Card is valid for a period of three years from the initial issue date or from the last transaction date.

Can I top up an eGift Card?

Unfortunately not. Once it reaches a zero balance, you will need to visit www.spur.co.za/giftcard to purchase a new eGift Card.

Where can I purchase an eGift Card?

Visit www.spur.co.za/giftcard on web or mobile to purchase an eGift Card.

Is there a minimum purchase amount on the eGift Card?

The eGift Card must be initially loaded with a minimum of R50. Please note that amounts may only be purchased in increments of R50.00.

Is there a maximum limit on the Gift Card?

The maximum total aggregate amount that may be loaded onto an eGift Card is R2 000.00. Please note that amounts may only be purchased in increments of R50.00.

Can I buy an eGift Card and give it to someone else?

Yes, of course! It's the perfect birthday gift. When you purchase an eGift Card on www.spur.co.za/giftcard you’ll be able to enter the lucky recipient's details as well as your own, so they know who’s treating them. The eGift Card is then automatically sent to your chosen recipient via a SMS with a unique 16-digit code and your personal message.

Do I have to spend the full amount all at once?

No, you can spend at will. The eGift Card can be used as part payment of your bill. Please note that no change will be given from the eGift Card - the balance remains on the card.

Can I use my eGift Card to tip my waitron?

Yes, you can.

How do I check my balance?

You will receive an SMS from Spur indicating the amount left on your card once you’ve spent part thereof. Alternatively, you can contact the Spur Call Centre on 086 000 7787 with your unique 16-digit code and they will inform you of your balance.

Do I earn loyalty points on my Family Card when paying with a Gift Card?

Yes you do. Simply hand your eGift Card and Family Card to your waitron when paying the bill.

What do I do if my Gift Card is suspended or blacklisted?

There are many reasons this can happen. If it’s been suspended, it’s been done to protect you. Please call Customer Care on 086 000 7787 for assistance