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Soaring Falcon Spur (ex Salt Lake City Spur)


Soaring Falcon Spur (ex Salt Lake City Spur)



King Shaka International Airport, Mdloti Street, La Mercy, Durban, 4405

Monday : 5am-10pm
Tuesday : 5am-10pm
Wednesday : 5am-10pm
Thursday : 5am-10pm
Friday : 5am-10pm
Saturday : 5am-10pm
Sunday : 5am-10pm
Public Holidays : 5am-10pm
Christmas : 5am-10pm

Restaurant Reviews


Staff are realy friendly... we received very good service.. thank you Spur ladies🙌😎

Much better thank you. Use to be very noisy with poor service but all was good now.

Today I visited the Spur in CBD and we had an awesome service from uNontobeko. She is an awesome lady and big ups to her.

I am a professional in the area of health. I work in Pretoria. I was a very happy woman with my partner; we were planning to engage in a permanent relationship. We had plans to go to live together in the near time after getting married. However, one day everything began to fall apart and I did not understand what was wrong with him. I wished there was some way of knowing what was happening to him. I knew it was not him, “something” was influencing him and bringing the change that was taking place in his life…..and with each passing day, our situation became worse. I was very upset, did not know what to do! Two of his friends said that there was a woman he was dating. A third party had come in the way of my partner and was trying to separate us by any means. I could not believe it and every time everything was wrong. Until he told me one day that we should put an end to the relationship. I fell into a deep depression. Every day I was worse and I plunged myself into a state of despair. I desperately wanted to get my partner back. I went to Dr. MAMA ANNA +27782391426” that was in town. I followed her instructions as such, I would attract a partner. I was ripped off and nothing happened, but every time my partner was going further and further. And while I watched this woman was getting more in his ways. Rumors were there that he was even planning to marry him. A powerful separation spell to ward of a third party was cast. Undoubtedly, fully trusting and putting my faith to the levels of 100%. I knew I would overcome and get my man back. Everything went very quickly and very easily. I have no words to thank for everything that this spell caster did for me. My man came back and we are very happy today. We are together again and we are happier! Thank you

Food: Well Spur is Spur.. and they have a Certain standard to follow. The food was great from This spur. Ambience : Normal tribal warmess.. Service: This Spur at the Airport is amazing. The service here is impeccable. They are helpful and its also wheelchair friendly. Overall Great experience ...

Spur never disappoints. The trailblazer breakast is one of my favourite things about Spur! But sometimes the toast needs to be toasted a bit more. The pepermint tart is quite tasty. The hot chocolate is one fo the best hot chocolates I have ever had! The kiddie's play area is great! The service is good and the staff are friendly. I would totally recommend Spur!

This Spur breakfast has me addicted...it was my second in a week. This spur is located at the airport so the service is quick and efficient. Went for the bacon, eggs, cheese grilled, chips and toast breakfast...was good. Think it's the cheese grilled that keeps me going back

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27 Reviews

Spur Restaurant

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Not having been at a Spur for several years we were seeing off someone at the airport and decided to stay for a quick bite to eat. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of the...
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We had our final meal in South Africa before flying back to the UK and what a disappointment. Our meals took forever to arrive, meaning we were almost late for our flights, and when they did...
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My wife had to go to Europe for work. As I took her to King Shaka airport, we realized that because of the stress of her leaving, packing at the last minute, neither of us had eaten lunch. SO when we arrived at the airport, we parked the car and headed straight for the Soaring Falcon Spur steak ranch. We were greeted by a friendly waiter who took us to a table straight away and took our drinks order. When we entered, there was a special advertised on Eisbein, which is one of my favourite dishes, so I ordered it with vegetables. My wife ordered a rump steak. She loves her steak beyond well done, and ordered it very well done. We waited for quite a while before our food came, but the cuppachino's we ordered came very quickly. When the food eventually came, the steak was done to perfection as my wife likes it, and my eisbein was soft and juicy. It just about fell from the bone. After the meal, we paid and I helped my wife with her luggage to where she had to check in, and we said our goodbye's on a full stomach, courtesy of Soaring Falcon Spur.
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About the Soaring Falcon Spur (ex Salt Lake City Spur)

Come on down to Soaring Falcon Spur family restaurant at the King Shaka International Airport near Ballito, where our waitrons are always excited to welcome both new and regular patrons. We offer an unequalled dining experience characteristic of our authentic Spur culture. Our extensive menu comes full of classic dishes like burgers, steak and ribs – beautifully complemented by our vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

We comfortably accommodate all guests, whether local or from abroad, and for any occasion too. Whether you are waiting for a flight, enjoying a meal with your family or simply having bite to eat with friends, we guarantee prompt and friendly service on every visit.

As a family restaurant at King Shaka airport near Ballito, we understand the need for time-sensitivity and efficiency; so our passionate chefs are always ready to prepare your favourite meals on-time and with the finest ingredients. This means that you will be sure to enjoy all the original flavours and tastes you’ve become accustomed to at Spur.

We offer free wireless access to all our patrons who wish to surf the web, chat with friends or catch up on urgent work. Kids can also delight in the abundance of activities found in the Play Canyon. Here they can indulge in a safe environment and make new friends whilst waiting for their favourite meals. Soaring Falcon Spur at King Shaka airport near Ballito is committed to maintaining the family restaurant experience typical to our growing franchise chain. Hence, we include the following amenities too:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Smokers’ section

So don’t hesitate to visit us here at Soaring Falcon Spur. We are the best ribs, burger and steak restaurant for a number of patrons who pass through King Shaka International Airport near Ballito on a once-off or frequent basis.

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