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Cherokee Spur


Cherokee Spur



Shop U45, Bedford Centre, Smith Rd, Bedford Gardens, Bedfordview, 2007

Monday : 8am-9pm
Tuesday : 8am-9pm
Wednesday : 8am-9pm
Thursday : 8am-9pm
Friday : 8am-10pm
Saturday : 8am-10pm
Sunday : 8am-8pm
Public Holidays : 8am-9pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


Lovely staff in play area

Great breakfast

Place is peaceful and not crowded

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude I was going though a lot with love, success, job and money and also something following. When one night oversea’s I was looking for some help that's when I came across Mama Anna +27782391426 I was a little doubtful at first because I had been scammed a lot. When I contacted her,,she was very nice. Mama Anna she was kind and patient. She gave me a reading and it was so good on and I found out somethings I didn’t know about. She took my case and I was having problems with something following me. She was so kind and took care of that for me free of charge. The very next night I notice it immediately I was able to sleep and also notice men started looking at me. I was also having problems with my weight I drop 45 lbs right after she did the spell. Mama didn’t do a weight spell the vicious spell that was on me was holding the weight on me and holding me back in everything. Well right after talking to her I found out that we had all lost our jobs over sea’s and I had just got there so I told Mama about the job loss she told me to purchase a job spell and I did. Sure enough Mama Anna and the spirits help me get another one and I had never told Mama Anna(+27782391426) a thing about that job that I really wanted. I got the job I wanted. It paid better plus, I got to stay over sea’s and got to work with some extremely cool people Well this testimony is powerful because who ever put this on me was keeping up with my every move it seem like. So Mama Anna had read for me again to tell me what to look forward to in my new life but low and hold. The person who was trying to damage my sibling and I had put on another vicious spell/curse on us. I’m laughing now because now you are starting to see what I have been going though my whole life from age 18 yrs old and until now and I’m much older. This person or persons new me but I didn’t have a clue to who was doing this to me blocking the new job and the new love that was suppose to come. I’m very upset because I could see this with my own eyes that something was blocking everything that I was doing and I was having extremely bad luck. So I contacted Mama Anna again you think he would have been sick of me by now,because I had talked to her about four times in this two month period but nope she was very understanding So I told Mama Anna but she already new that they had did this to me and she calmed me down because I was very upset and frustrated.She told m

Had the most wonderful dinner here last night with my family for my son's birthday😍the customer service, constant care and attention and very yummy food was really quite something! Thank u Spur Bedford Centre for making a special day even more special ❤️❤️❤️

Fantastic Food and a great family friendly restaurant. Staff and waiters are polite and helpful. Shop is always clean. One of the best Spurs i have been to

Great tasting burger, onion rings always good! Had the stacked Rib burger with Lucianrajah. Proper hunger buster on a Monday. Special ending end of May.

Spur is spur.. Great burgers!! Good steaks and there incredibly irresistible onion rings with white and bbq sauce. This is a clean restaurant and family friendly with very reasonable prices.

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Spur Restaurant

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I ordered a take away order of half portioin of buffalo wings, which was 8 wings and the cost was R74.00. That is really not on I can buy a full chicken for R74.00 Very disappointed and definitely...
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I utterly believe you have a A+ Team going at the moment. Always great service. Food is above the standards set out by any other Spur in Gauteng. So I just want to say well done. Even after hiccups occurred, the managers jumped to the occasion to fix the problems and ironed it out with us. Would definitely recommend above any other steakhouse in the area.
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Our team opted to eat here after the tournament. There were 25 children and about 20 adults. Our team leader had booked in advance and ordered the menu items in advance. The waiters and waitresses worked well with the team leader to see to it that we all had our separate food and drinks orders timeously and the food was superb. Thumbs up to the staff for handling such a big crowd with patience and a smile. We will definitely be back when in town again.
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About the Cherokee Spur

Come and share in our taste for life as you bring your loved ones down to Cherokee Spur family restaurant. We are people with a real taste for life and invite everyone to come and experience this taste first-hand here in Bedford Gardens. With a brilliant array of mealtime classics like succulent steaks, mouth-watering ribs, juicy burgers, as well as others such as vegetarian dishes, light meals and delicious desserts – you and your family will be spoilt for choice.

Celebrate any occasion in the most special way as our uniquely Spur-themed dining area can accommodate almost any event. Enjoy business lunches with colleagues, romantic dates with your fiancé or healthy family meals with those closest to you. Allow us to treat you to the tantalising flavours that have made us the ribs, burger and steak restaurant that pops first in mind for so many of our loyal customers.

We also strive to make sure that every member of any group you bring to Cherokee Spur family restaurant in Bedford Gardens is as content as possible. This is why we also offer free wireless access to all our patrons wishing to surf the net, research, enjoy music or simply chat with friends online. Our Play Canyon is another major family-friendly feature that will keep kids entertained for hours. Cherokee Spur goes even further to include the following amenities:

         ·Wireless access

         ·High chairs for small scouts

Cherokee Spur family restaurant in Bedford Gardens truly is the best destination for any group looking for a vibrant atmosphere, amazing customer service and flame-grilled spur favourites.

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