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Watashi Spur


Watashi Spur


058-303 7557

Shop 60, Dihlabeng Mall, Preekstoel Rd, Bethlehem, Bethlehem, 9701

Monday : 7:30am-9pm
Tuesday : 7:30am-9pm
Wednesday : 7:30am-9pm
Thursday : 7:30am-9pm
Friday : 7:30am-10pm
Saturday : 7:30am-10pm
Sunday : 7:30am-8pm
Public Holidays : 7:30am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

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I did enjoyed the food yesterday with my love and my brothers and my little sister.i even posted on my page n checked in . so guys keep up the good work.

My husband started going once a week for 2 hours late in the evening and wondered where he could be. After about a month, he moved out of our house with his everything yet we had plans of taking him to my parents as soon as have given birth. I struggled with the pregnancy on my own for almost a month. Time reached I had to give birth to my cute son But it was really a tuff experience because my husband wasn't there... I had to be strong and to be home by my self taking care of the baby. My friends were visiting on a daily basis..thanks to them. And just one I told about my problems because she saw I wasn't happy at all...We sat talked for almost 4hours...She said to me, Rose you shouldn't blame your husband so much because Our men are bewitched by other ladies most times. She advised me to contact this wonderful lady called Mama Lesedi +27671691668 for help...I didn't contact Her in the first place because I was nervous but this pain I was going through held me to grab my phone and call her...She was too lovely and made me feel like a sister. She directed me on where to find her...I went and in just a little time. My husband called me. He apologized and a lot I can't tell...It would have been unfair if I didn't tell the world about you Mama and everything you have done for me......I appreciated and forever I will..... Good things happen to tho +27671691668 Call or Whatsapp

Coming from a Christian background, I never believed in Spiritualists or ever imagined that I would get the help of a traditional healer sangoma. Having been employed for 9 years in the same position, training newcomers that join the company, get promoted and am still stuck in the same position no matter how hard I worked or applications I placed in every time there was an opportunity, this got me so stressed. At home it was not any different, my relationship was sour, we had tried for 5 years to conceive but in vain. I visited so many hospitals, used various herbs but still never conceived and my husband was seeking a separation because of the family pressure. One day on social media my long-time friend living in Durban got in touch with me and in a few days later I opened up to her about what was happening in my life, she advised me to try this powerful spiritual healer that had helped her sometime back, I was hesitant at first because I did not like the idea of going to a spiritual healer, I thought for a while about contacting this person, then decided to give it a try, so I called Her(Dr.MAMA LESEDI) the healer on +27671691668, lucky for me she was available to see me and she was in the same country. Long story short,she helped me a lot, I got a much better job in the company I had long wanted to work in, with very good pay, my husband paid lobola at home, our wedding was last year in January and I am soon setting up my first side big business(Beauty Shop) anywhere I want. I must say my perception was totally wrong, if you need help too don't wait till its too late contact Healer on +27671691668

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Spur Restaurant

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With this review I risk sounding like a grumpy old man, easily dissatisfied and hard to please, but my lunch at the Watashi Spur Steak Ranch in Dihlabeng Mall, Bethlehem was a great disappointment...
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food was good sides seemed a bit on the stingy side, but issues with the POS system and card machines
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I ordered the nachos which was the best I have ever had. The service was good. Definitely a restaurant that I will visit again.
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About the Watashi Spur

The Watashi Spur family restaurant in Bethlehem is the best place to experience brilliant service and enjoy a truly great meal with family and friends. Our menu contains a number of familiar family favourites including our juicy steaks, tantalising burgers and meaty racks of ribs.


Our qualified chefs here at the Bethlehem branch strive to provide all of our patrons with the quality food they’ve come to count on from our establishment. They manage to accomplish this by only utilising the best ingredients, following our time-honoured recipes and cooking each meal with careful consideration of each customer’s personal preferences.

We stand out strongly from other restaurants because of our complete commitment to family dining. We not only provide guests walking through our doors with a diverse menu of tasty food with great value for money, but in fact also present an entire entertainment opportunity for the whole family.

Our Play Canyon is a feature unique to our chain of restaurants and really demonstrates our commitment to wholesome family fun. Here your kids can participate in a wide variety of activities; all aimed at keeping them well entertained in a safe and secure setting.

The Watashi Spur family restaurant just wouldn’t be able to offer the excellent family experience it does, without offering the following amenities as well:

         ·Facilities for the disabled

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

Visit us and find out why we are so much more than any typical burger, ribs or steak restaurant. Come down to the Watashi Spur family restaurant and you’ll be able to experience the type of family-oriented dining that has given us a renowned name in and around Dihlabeng Mall, Bethlehem. 

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