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Ottawa Spur

Cape Town

Ottawa Spur

Cape Town


Shop F18, Cavendish Connect, Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708

Monday : 9am-9pm
Tuesday : 9am-9pm
Wednesday : 9am-9pm
Thursday : 9am-9pm
Friday : 9am-10pm
Saturday : 9am-10pm
Sunday : 9am-8pm
Public Holidays : 9am-8pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews



Great food, nice service.

Great food, great service, clean facilities, friendly management always present. Great wi-fi, trained servers. Good for viewing sport too. One of the better branches!

The quick service and prompt customer service

One of the best Spurs in the southern suburbs! We like to go here for steaks and they always manage to cook them perfectly. I love the side veg option, especially the creamy spinach! The restaurant itself is quite spacious with large glass windows. The waiters are always friendly and attentive.

Tried out the new jalapeno and cheese burger and it was pretty decent. Great patty, a bit selfish with the jalapenos but good nonetheless! Beats having to cook supper on a monday night

Tried out the new jalapeno and cheese burger and it was pretty decent. Great patty, a bit selfish with the jalapenos but good nonetheless! Beats having to cook supper on a monday night 😉

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24 Reviews

Spur Restaurant

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I was killing time on Sunday afternoon and feeling peckish and a sudden calling for a nice juicy steak, I decided to pop into the Ottawa Spur remembering from my youth the consistently good food and service. I suppose things change ... I ordered VERY simple items from the menu. 300g siroin, onion rings and a baked potato. I enquired about a garlic BUTTER sauce and was assured that would be delivered (it wasn't, it was a goopy revolting sauce but later to be saved by the proper garlic butter for the potato). I also remembered from way back when that they used to serve SOUR cream with the baked potato and ordered it. I couldn't see it (the sour cream) on the menu as an option. The bizzare thing was that having placed my order, no less than FOUR different waiters came to verify my order and clearly mixed up the facts/second guessed the each other or who knows what. Suddenly I had apparantly ordered a cheddar melt? Those 2 words had never left my lips! Who would want a slab of cheddar on a beautiful piece of steak anyway? What was delivered: a 200 g sirloin (NOT what I asked for), A huge bowl of inedble goop tasting vaguely of garlic but seemed made not from fresh garlic but dried or flakes. Somewhere along the line I had managed to get an order of GARLIC BUTTER with my potato, which I reckoned would suffice as a sauce over my steak, unadulterated with any other additons and lo! the cream which was certainly NOT sour. So content with the combinations EXCEPT for the goop which I sent back (to the mystified waiters), I was very happy with the actual food. What I cannot understand is if my first waiter had placed the order why did another three come and question my order? How difficult is it to a.) WRITE DOWN the order, or b.) enter a single order for one, into one's head, walk a few steps to the kitchen and relay the very straightforward order. My order suddenly morphed into at least 3 different interpretations of the original. The steak was lovely with the borrowed garlic butter from the potato and I suppose the cream was ok too. What irked me most was the indifference and lack of understanding of a simple order and the inability to deliver what was asked for. I was interuptd at least 5 times while waiting for my meal asking for various bits of information, all which sould have been gleaned during the initial order. One such interuption was whether I wanted a hot or cold plate. I responded that I wanted it cold as a hot plate would continue cooking my rare steak which I didn't want to end up medium rare. Guess
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Ordered the special t-bone it says 15.90 for a sauce , order cheddarmelt sauce. Another waiter brings the meal ( t-bone done to satisfaction but cold "hot veg") and gives me a stupid spiel about when...
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Always prompt service, hot food and clean tables. Good airy setting too. Durky wings were nice and spiced and the kids burger combo was great. Good value and atmosphere too. As Spurs go this is as...
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About the Ottawa Spur

Here at the Ottawa Spur family restaurant in Claremont we take great pride in providing a special dining experience full of good cheer, great food and impeccable service. Our menu is full of familiar favourites such as our saucy burgers, sweet and sticky racks of ribs and flame-grilled steaks cooked to perfection.


Every meal is prepared with the utmost care and we only utilise high quality meat, veggies and other ingredients to produce our famous Spur dishes. This ensures wonderfully wholesome meals when you and your family order with us. Our themed restaurant dining area not only offers great aesthetics, but also diversity in the sense that we can cater for any crowd and occasion. Whether you’re on an important business lunch, looking for something cosier with your significant other, taking out the family or planning a special birthday party for one of the kids – Ottawa Spur will ensure you and your loved ones or guests feel at home.

Spur, as a household name has become much more than your usual corner rib restaurant. Whether you’ve come to enjoy one of our steaks, racks of ribs or our famous burgers, all bursting with Spur’s unique tastes – you can rest assured of flame-grilled perfection in each and every bite. Our menu is of course full of famous and favoured options including vegetarian, delicious desserts, salads and more.

Ottawa Spur family restaurant in Claremont is the best place to share a fantastic meal in the company of the people you care most about. Our unique family-oriented approach to dining, with unbeatable meals and service to match, will keep you coming back for more. Call in today for an unforgettable experience. 

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