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Two Tomahawks Spur


Two Tomahawks Spur



Shop 1, Willowbrook Square, Cnr Samuel Rd & Van Der Walt St, Delmas, Delmas, 2210

Monday : 8am-9pm
Tuesday : 8am-9pm
Wednesday : 8am-9pm
Thursday : 8am-9pm
Friday : 8am-10pm
Saturday : 8am-10pm
Sunday : 9am-8pm
Public Holidays : 9am-8pm
Christmas : Closed

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The service was great and the food hmmm too delicious thank u Spur im coming back tomorrow

The service was awesome, food was overflowing on our plates. Can't complain at all. Keep up the good work.

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Spur Restaurant

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The service in Two Tomahawks SPUR is not that well managed, the food was not well prepared with my stake over done while asked for medium to rear, the atmosphere is a noisy with people talking load ignoring other guests privacy
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Stopped on a drive back from Eastern Mpumalanga. service, good food! Clean with efficient and friendly waiters. Good value for money.
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saturday afternoon, in spur and started ok, waitress took my drink order, and then my food order after, which was fine. i then had to get up and find my waitress to request another drink, this came with my food, ( half wings and salad, so nothing fancy, ) and it was a good time later that it came, so i was sat there with no drink, then it was all down hill from there, the food was good, but very small portion of wings, my waitress came back once to see if i was ok once i had almost finished, i asked for a finger bowl, and she went away saying yes i will bring the bill, i called her back and requested again finger bowl, eventually i got one. it then took almost 15 minutes for her to come and clear half my plates and left the rest, and not asking if i needed anything else, which i wanted, and then dissapeared again. i then witnessed a waiter walking around the restaurant with a small baby in his arms, while customers had to fend for them selves finding there own tables and getting there own menus. a female member of staff just kept sitting down on a table near me, picking her nails and scratching her face, only getting up when someone was wanting to pay, maybe she was a manager/supervisor??then apparently it was a shift changeover around 330pm/4pm then all hell was let loose. the waitor who was wandering around with the kid in his arms, stormed back in with another college, and he started kicking off shouting to a guy in a white shirt, and arguing about being lazy and how something wasn't his job, throwing his jacket down and waving his arms in the air...there were a lot of customers observing this, and other staff members also got involved. i mentioned to a waiter close by that i had never experienced such behaviors in any restaurant, he was totally embarrassed by his work colleagues and was very apologetic on there behalf.when it calmed down and certain staff left, i then had to put up with two staff having a play fight with cleaning fluid , chasing each other around the tables spraying each other, next to where i was trying to eat my desert, again, oblivious that customer care was needed. I wrote on my receipt that the staffing was bad, and also told the management on the till my thoughts, how any disputes between any staff or management should be done off the restaurant floor and behind closed doors. he and she just laughed it off and started arguing again. I never give bad feedback as a rule, but that spurs staffing today was , in my opinion totally unacceptable and definitely bad for business , i wi
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About the Two Tomahawks Spur

The Two Tomahawks Spur family restaurant in Delmas offers diners of all ages a delightful experience filled with great service and top quality food. We serve all the familiar family favourites such as first grade steaks, juicy burgers and the most enticing racks of ribs.

Our wonderfully versatile dining area is able to cater for widely diverse groups of people. We can therefore easily host families looking to grab dinner, couples on intimate dates, important business lunches as well as kids’ birthday parties.

Some of our best-loved signature dishes include steaks, racks of ribs and burgers; all of which are created by our dedicated kitchen team who make use of select ingredients in every preparation. This ensures you only receive meals bursting with all of the rich flavours you’ve come to expect from Spur.

Kids have always been a large part of what we’re all about, and here at the Two Tomahawks Spur it’s no different. Our unique Play Canyon allows your kids to partake in a number of enjoyable activities. It also offers a safe, secure environment and is constantly monitored by our staff.

Two Tomahawks Spur family restaurant in Delmas maximises customer service by also providing the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for the disabled

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

Here at Two Tomahawks Spur, we go way beyond just being a simple burger, ribs and steak restaurant. Our excellent food coupled with our amazing family-oriented service has strengthened our place in the hearts of so many customers visiting Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Delmas.

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