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Prairie Eagle Spur


Prairie Eagle Spur


012-658 5223

Shop 01, Eldo Square Shopping Centre, Willem Botha St, Eldoraigne, Centurion, 0157

Monday : 8am-10pm
Tuesday : 8am-10pm
Wednesday : 8am-10pm
Thursday : 8am-10pm
Friday : 8am-11pm
Saturday : 8am-11pm
Sunday : 8am-10pm
Public Holidays : 8am-11pm
Christmas : 9:30am-9:30pm

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About the Prairie Eagle Spur

If you and your family have long been searching for the best all-round dining venue, then Prairie Eagle Spur in Eldo Square Shopping Centre, Eldoraigne Ext 42, has it all. At our family restaurant delicious food abounds and family entertainment is the order of the day.

We at Prairie Eagle Spur strive to uphold a dining experience that caters to all members of the family. We achieve this by providing a relaxing environment for patrons to enjoy, while indulging in one of the fantastic dishes on our extensive menu. What also makes us different from other steak restaurants is our dedication to inclusive family dining, where kids can have fun at our Play Canyon and adults can delight in stress-free conversation.

The atmosphere and service, here at Eldoraigne Ext 42, are also perfectly complemented by our range of dishes, including traditional favourites such as juicy burgers and marinated ribs. We have worked hard over the years, developing and refining our recipes according to customer feedback. This way you can be assured of the distinct flavours and tastes that have allowed Spur to rise and become a brand leader in SA.

There’s no reason why any guest or family member should miss out. Prairie Eagle Spur family restaurant also has the following amenities in place to cater for customer’s specific needs:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Wireless access

So don’t hesitate to stop by and partake of our delightful dishes and outstanding service that will keep you wanting more. Prairie Eagle Spur family restaurant at the  Eldo Square Shopping Centre, Eldoraigne Ext 42 is the perfect destination for wholesome family fun and we simply can’t wait to welcome you and your group.

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