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Oak Ridge Spur (ex-Calgary)


Oak Ridge Spur (ex-Calgary)


Restaurant Reviews


Excellent service! A must visit again�

Fantastic food and service!!! Only spur in Pretoria We go to.

Great service, had a good time with my family

Good quality food and service although servers can be more attentive.


We had such an amazing meal last night at the Oak Ridge Spur in the Grove Mall. I ordered the cheesy jalapeno rump steak and the meat was cooked to perfection, soft and very juicy. The vegetables were to die for and the semi sweet white wine sold per glass is actually a very nice wine. We were served by a Spur waiter and also a child from Wilgers High. We had such a good night and I will defintely return to this Spur!

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Spur Restaurant

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After two previous disastrous visits I was really hesitant to visit a Spur outlet again, but was pleasantly surprised by this branch. We were meeting family from overseas and reserved a table to accommodate a party of twelve diners. Upon arrival our table was promptly prepared by the floor manager himself and we were seated. The waitress was experienced and efficient. The meals were prepared well and delivered without any major hassles. Everything progressed smoothly and efficiently taking into consideration the size of our party. My faith in Spur has been restored!
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The menu for senior citizens does not have an option of fillet. This is supposed to be the softest meat and for senior citizens the most easy to eat, yet it does not appear on the menu. Yes it may...
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The menu for senior citizens does not have an option of fillet. This is supposed to be the softest meat and for senior citizens the most easy to eat, yet it does not appear on the menu. Yes it may cost a bit more, but then the senior citizen can decide. Furthermore the normal customer is not told about the senior menu.
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About the Oak Ridge Spur (ex-Calgary)

Spread the word about Oak Ridge Spur family restaurant in Equestria, where we offer an extensive menu filled with delicious meals. These great tasting dishes will have you, and anyone you decide to invite along, boasting about the fantastic flavours. Our trained chefs passionately prepare each and every meal with select ingredients for flavour-filled and original Spur tastes in every bite.

We are the family restaurant of choice when it comes to all-round entertainment since we only employ like-minded people, with a taste for life. This way we can ensure that all of our chefs, waitrons and managers are always ready to provide you with an unmatched Spur experience. This includes fantastic classic dishes like juicy steaks and saucy ribs, which have made us the best family restaurant in Equestria.

What also makes us so much more than a regular burger, ribs and steak restaurant is the fact that we cater to all families with or without kids. For kids we have the magnificent Play Canyon where they can safely and conveniently indulge in various fun and creative activities. Parents can simply delight in the great atmosphere and ever-friendly service with complete peace of mind that their kids are well occupied.

No one needs to be left out of the great experience at Oak Ridge Spur. For this reason we have committed ourselves to also including the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

So pay us a visit at Oak Ridge Spur family restaurant in none other than Equestria. Come along and share in the unique experience that keeps so many families consistently coming back for more great meals and fine service.

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