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Tomahawk Spur

Cape Town

Tomahawk Spur

Cape Town


67 Voortrekker Rd, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7700

Monday : 9am-9pm
Tuesday : 9am-10pm
Wednesday : 9am-10pm
Thursday : 9am-10pm
Friday : 9am-10pm
Saturday : 9am-10pm
Sunday : 9am-9pm
Public Holidays : 9am-9pm

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About the Tomahawk Spur

Here at the Tomahawk Spur family restaurant we take a great deal of pride in providing a truly exceptional dining experience. Our popular Spur menu consists of a number of incredible dishes including our sweet and sticky ribs, succulent burgers as well as our superb flame-grilled steaks. It is these dishes among others that have made us the favourite eat-out venue for so many families in Goodwood.

Making use of only the finest ingredients, our committed team here at Tomahawk Spur works unbelievably hard to create all of the wonderful meals on our menu. It is our desire for quality that has also made our chain of restaurants a well-known name countrywide, loved by each and every family member.

Spur is so much more than your average rib restaurant. We are a steakhouse that takes pleasure in ensuring our diners are well taken care of. Whether you’ve decided to indulge in one of our burgers, steaks, or racks of ribs – you’re guaranteed to experience all of the Spur flavours that have firmly stood the test of time.

Kids have always been a big part of what Spur is about and here at Tomahawk Spur this couldn’t be more true. Our Play Canyon provides youngsters with a number of fun activities to keep them well entertained. The Tomahawk Spur family restaurant also has the following amenities to accommodate all of our patrons’ individual needs:

         ·Facilities for the disabled

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

The Tomahawk Spur family restaurant is the best place to share a delicious meal with the people you love the most. Our unique approach to dining has made us a definite favourite and the first choice for so many families in Goodwood.

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