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Illinois Spur (ex-Ohio Spur)


Illinois Spur (ex-Ohio Spur)



Shop B001, The Fields, 1066 Burnett St, Hatfield, PretorIa, 0028

Monday : 8am-10pm
Tuesday : 8am-10pm
Wednesday : 8am-10pm
Thursday : 8am-10pm
Friday : 8am-11pm
Saturday : 8am-11pm
Sunday : 8am-10pm
Public Holidays : 8am-11pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


Great service and impressive specials

I enjoyed myself. The waiters have a good conduct

Their service is good which is rare these days.keep up the good work guys�

Delicious foods n most famous restaurant in southern Africa I love it

Look, it's just a Spur. Let's cut it some slack here. While I certainly wouldn't come here for some fine wining and dining, it's served me well on the times I've needed it. After a night out, this Spur has somehow become my go-to spot for the morning after breakfast. You really can't go wrong with their R25 breakfast, and the top floor's views over student-vibey Hatfield are quite uplifting first thing in the morning. The service is generally good, although it can swing either way depending o...

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22 Reviews

Spur Restaurant

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This restuarant, boasts one of the cleanest rest rooms around at all times, Their checken burger tastes good, beverage prices are average wine specials , do come handy. Free WiFi available and kids...
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参加了周三的bottomless ribs and wings,第一盘竟然还给了薯条和洋葱圈凑数。ribs比较嫩,但是火候不太好,有点焦。wings的酱料不知道是什么,总之不好吃,有点太甜了。上菜速度比较慢,而且waiter半天见不到,价格还可以。大概不会再来了。。。
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This is a great place to eat out with friends and get to network indoors or outdoors over dinner. Great Buffalo Wings and Steaks worth trying out with some Signature Pink Sauce... Try it out and...
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About the Illinois Spur (ex-Ohio Spur)

Bring your loved-ones to Illinois Spur family restaurant in Hatfield where good food, great fun and some of the most memorable moments are in store for every visitor. We offer a menu filled to the brim with the best of true mealtime favourites such as juicy burgers, succulent steaks and fabulous rack of ribs. Vegetarian dishes, combo specials, light meals, desserts and more recent recipes are also made available.

What makes us more than just an ordinary steak restaurant is our sheer commitment to complete family entertainment. Our waitrons and managers are always on the lookout for ways to make each and every patron’s experience with us as enjoyable as possible. This is complemented by the way that our well experienced chefs create each meal. The original Spur taste will always be present, while unique requests or preferences are also taken into account during preparation.

Enjoy any occasion here at Illinois Spur in Hatfield as we make even the most mundane experiences exciting. Join us for your business lunch-meeting, kid’s birthday party, romantic dinner for two or even breakfast with friends and family. Our vibrant and family-friendly dining area can accommodate small and larger groups while providing the perfect setting for any get-together.

Illinois Spur family restaurant has gone even further to include the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

So come down and pay us a visit at the wonderful Illinois Spur family restaurant, here in Hatfield. We are always excited to attend to all our valued guests – both young and old – by serving each and every customer the best Spur meal.

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