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Silver Chief Spur


Silver Chief Spur


051-446 0711

Shop G10A, The Park Shopping Centre, Cnr Dirk Opperman Street and Bankovs Boulevard, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein, 9301

Monday : 9am-10pm
Tuesday : 9am-10pm
Wednesday : 9am-10pm
Thursday : 9am-10pm
Friday : 8am-10pm
Saturday : 8am-10pm
Sunday : 8am-9pm
Public Holidays : 8am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

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Yes the food amazing. Served warm and on clean environment.

We all cherish family times, kids having a blast in the playroom, and being watched over by child minders with care, Today we went to Silver chief spur in LHP, WOW was i blown away. Manager (Bruce) made a warm welcome in the freezing outside as he welcomed us in, normally i have to ask to be seated close to the play area for the kids,,, nope that didn't happen tonight, Bruce saw the kids and recommended the table closest to the play area... i truly were shocked, as this has never happened before, as soon as we sat down, the waitress (Jane) came over and greeted us with a smile, she introduced herself and made sure we know she will be taking care of all our needs whatsoever. as we were relaxing with our 1st drink, we placed the kids meal order, due to always taking forever to be repaired, in less than 10min the kids were enjoying a perfect prepared meal, i myself couldn't decide on what to have, the idea were to go and have the rib special, as undecided as me and my wife were, Bruce again came along, so now he is going to give some advice, he then recommended the new Fire-up wings, still were we undecided, after another drink (with original can coke) we had a platter in mind, does SPUR do platters, Yes they can do it, just ask Jane and Bruce, the meal went like Eisbein - Chips & Onion Rings Topped up with 200G Ribs Fire-up Wings topped up with Calamari Side Veg (Spinach, Pumpkin, 3x baby potatoes with garlic) all served in the centre of the table, with sideplates to dish in. Bruce again came by and saw something were missing, he said wings extra spicy or plain, needed Roquefort dressing, and brought a remikin with sauce (free). Everything were beyond my expectation, Today we got the GENUINE SPUR FEELING Thanks to BRUCE and JANE SILVER CHIEF SPUR will be my families new go to Restaurant Well Done!!!! Rheinholdt Eisenberg

Johannes gave us such amazing service, extremely attentive. Awesome playing area , our daughter reccomends it for all friends. Good food.

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Spur Restaurant

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You'l never be disappointed with the steaks and eisbein here. We received first class service. Keep it up!
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We arrived at 09:06. The drinks took long to arrive. I Ordered a coke Can and received coke from the taps. The waiter rectified it. We placed our orders and waited more than an hour to receive our food after asking the waiter when will the food arrive, he said he is bringing the plates now, we waited another 20 min and decided to get up and look for the waiter to ask again. We then received our orders a few minutes afterwards but 2 of the orders were incorrect. The cheese on one of the sandwiches barely existed and charging R52 for a low budget item is absolutely reciculous when something as basic as cheese is neglected. We proceeded to ask for a takeaway box, after 15 min we still had not received it. Then again we took it apon our selfs to stand up and request a box from another waiter and left at 10:45. Waiting Almost 2 hours at your Branch for simple breakfast orders is a complete waste of time.
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This is, by a country mile, the worst Spur experience of my life. Let’s go with starters, we ordered the starter nachos, hot, to share. The waiter brought normal nachos (cold as they had been sitting on the pass) with hot chili in a bowl quote “Incase the hot nachos were to hot for you” ARE YOU SEROIUSThey then charged us for the main course price nachos Mains my wife had the cheese burger which was good and a salad which was also good and well prepared. I had a rare steak which was good served with a hard baked potato (raw) and a side of veggies, cold. The baked potato was raw, the veggies were hot spinach and fridge cold pumpkin. I asked if they could change the potato and heat the veggies. The potato never arrived at all, except on the bill, and the chef ???? put the veggies back in the microwave so the spinach was super heated and the pumpkin luke warm. The manager came to the table and apologized .... however he did NOTHING to fix the problems. They billed me for the potato I didn’t get and the veggies I didn’t eat. Spur staff at the Silver Chief Spur YOU SUCK !!!!! Don’t eat here if you want good food served by people who care about the clients
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