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Abenaki Spur

Cape Town

Abenaki Spur

Cape Town


Shop 194, The Promenade Shopping Centre, Cnr A Z Berman Dr & Morgenster Rd, Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, 7785

Monday : 9am-9pm
Tuesday : 9am-9pm
Wednesday : 9am-9pm
Thursday : 9am-9pm
Friday : 9am-10pm
Saturday : 8am-10pm
Sunday : 8am-8pm
Public Holidays : 8am-8pm
Christmas : 8am-8pm

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I like the waitress Anita she treated us with dignity and respect and the staff

Well to be honest i personally i am not a spur lover but last night was gd i ordered the crumb mushrooms and calamari cause im not a big eater so my daughter insisted i should hv something else on the side so i said its ohk that is enough and then she decided to order 4 wings with that i enjoyed the meal to my surprise, i was actually enjoying the wings up until i gt to the last wing, as i bit into it i saw that it was a bit raw so underdone, but never the less i just put it oneside thinking if i must tell my daughter and son in law, in any event i told them, they were more upset than i was and insisted i complain to the manager abt it i sd to them its fine really because i really enjoyed the food and they must leave it at that, then as the waiter came to check on us she actually noticed that my last wing was raw and underdone. She asked me if i would like to lay a complaint and i sd no its ok as the food i had was very nice, she would not accept the fact that i was ok, she Left and returned, right now i cnt describe what i was feeling at that moment, u know she was standing there infront of me with a full portion of wings, i was really very impressed with her service i dont remember her name but she made me feel so special....

My experience yesterday morning was the bomb , thank you Blessing for the great hospitality.

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Spur Restaurant

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The restaurant is clean. Staff are friendly and always has time to check if their guests are happy :)
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A few months ago we went to this spur for the umpteenth time as we live in Mitchell's plain.I was disgusted AND HAVE NEVER EVER SET FOOT THERE AGAIN. We ordered the burgers as it was on Monday, we cut it through with the knife and then took a bit it was cold we sent it back with the waiter. Minutes later she came back again with cold food. I wasn't really hungry but at that time my fiance was starving he wanted to cut the burger and then he noticed it was the same burger we took a bit out of and just sent back already cut just put in a new roll when he opened it. We were pissed AS WE PAYING FOR THIS and clearly this people are wasting our time they touched this food after we touched it and the waiter and whoever else just to send it back the waiter says it wasn't her she took it to the manager and the manager in the kitchen did that. My fiance got up and went to the male manager whose a white guy just standing at the door he explains half the story that manager then grabs the first person who passes them and tells her to handle it. We got an apology and the promise she will cook out food as she doesn't want us to leave disappointed. We got fresh food THAT I DIDNT WANT TO TOUCH, We paid and left i will never ever set foot at that place again as what they did is disgusting, no customer service the Two managers who treated us like that. what do they actually teach their staff?
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Good day, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to team Abenaki spur in The Promenade Shopping Centre for rendering the utmost level of professional service tonight. To specifically Zola...
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About the Abenaki Spur

A great experience filled with wonderful memories is what awaits you at the Abenaki Spur family restaurant in Mitchell’s Plain. Indulging in our meaty racks of ribs, saucy burgers and our famous steaks has become something of a pastime for the locals. Your taste buds will be tantalised by the famous flavours that have earned Spur’s group of family restaurants the reputation of being somewhat of an ‘institution in family dining’ throughout SA.


When visiting us you can expect to be warmly received by one of friendly staff. Whether you’re out for a family dinner, planning an intimate dinner date, or just looking to indulge in mouth-watering flavours, our Mitchell’s Plain branch has you well covered!

Our menu is filled with classic dishes that have stood the test of time including succulent steaks, tender ribs and a wide assortment of burgers. Every tiny detail of our food is well planned and prepared from the griddle to your plate, ensuring that you and your loved ones’ enjoy only the best meals. After all, it’s what you’ve come to expect from Spur family restaurants.

The impressive kid’s canyon found at Abenaki Spur contains a great variety of activities and games, all designed to make your little ones’ experiences unforgettable indeed. Whether they’re looking to settle down and play video games or explore our jungle gym, your kids are bound have a fantastic time!

Our Spur family restaurant in Mitchell’s Plain also has the following amenities for greater convenience:

         ·Facilities for disabled persons

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

Make your next dinner outing a memorable one, shared with friendly faces and a great vibe. Visit Abenaki Spur family restaurant... you’re bound to want to come back for more!

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