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Pocatello Spur

Mount Edgecomb

Pocatello Spur

Mount Edgecomb


Shop U40, Cornubia Shopping Mall, N2 & Allamanda Road, Cornubia, Mount Edgecomb, 4032

Monday : 9am-9pm
Tuesday : 9am-9pm
Wednesday : 9am-9pm
Thursday : 9am-9pm
Friday : 9am-11pm
Saturday : 9am-11pm
Sunday : 9am-8pm
Public Holidays : 9am-9pm
Christmas : 9am-4pm

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About the Pocatello Spur

Enjoy a fantastic meal at Pocatello Spur restaurant here in Mount Edgecomb as you treat your family and friends to the most memorable dining experience. We take delight in uniting guests through great food and service, in a warm and entertaining environment. Come and indulge in our extensive menu filled with a host of traditional classics from the most appetising burgers, to steaks, ribs, vegetarian options, lighter dishes and much more.

At Spur, we have a strong focus on family entertainment, which is why we are meticulous in hiring staff who share our strong taste for life. This way we can guarantee that, whether you are coming to enjoy lunch with friends, dinner with a special someone or a simple meal while you catch up on work – every visit will be most satisfying.

One of the best things about the Pocatello Spur family restaurant in Cornubia Mall is our Play Canyon. Here your kids can be free and make new friends in a safe environment, which is always monitored by our trusted staff. This means no more having to tell your kids to calm down or keep quiet since we cater perfectly for them – providing the entire family with stress-free, family fun.

Pocatello Spur is committed to pleasing all our valued patrons and has thus included the following amenities too:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Wireless Access

So come on down to Pocatello Spur family restaurant in Cornubia Mall, Mount Edgecomb. Here you will enjoy the fantastic service, beautifully warm yet vibrant atmosphere and delightful food that continues to make us the best burger, ribs and steak restaurant for a number of families.

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