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About the Nevada Spur

Get ready to take your family and friends out for a meal they will never forget as you bring them down to Nevada Spur family restaurant in Northcliff. We offer not only an extensive menu that has been carefully designed to cater to patrons of all ages, but an entire package of entertainment that’s sure to provide every single patron with an unforgettable experience.

From the youngest scouts to the most experienced elders, we offer an invitation for all patrons to join our Spur family. We also offer great value with our family cards and loyalty points as well as various promotions, making us more than a simple burger or ribs restaurant.

We have always strived to create the perfect family-oriented environment here at our restaurant in Northcliff. Nothing pleases us more than to see patrons come over for their favourite flame-grilled steaks or other mealtime options. That’s why our Spur ethos allows our unique setting to create the best family restaurant, where patrons of all ages are guaranteed great-tasting food and wholesome entertainment.

We never like to see any of our guests disappointed, which is why we at Nevada Spur have also made sure to include the following:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Wireless access

So provide your loved ones with the ultimate family dining experience and bring them down to Nevada Spur restaurant in Northcliff. We are always ready to welcome new and regular faces with the outstanding service and delicious food we are renowned for.

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