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Santa Cruz Spur


Santa Cruz Spur


Restaurant Reviews


Today my friends and I decided to go for lunch there , with very limited cash . We ordered a meal for all three of us and the fourth person with us paid for her own meal , but after this as we are growing teenagers � we will still hungry but as I said we were low on cash . Our waiter came to us and said the lady behind offered to give us R50 towards the bill , we order another meal to share and scratch for coins for tip for our waiter . Then our waiter comes to us and says that the same lady has paid our entire bill for no reason at all . My friends and I didn't know how to thank her so we bought her flowers and chocolates and gave it to her . This is honestly the nicest human behavior I have ever experienced. To who ever that lady was we are all so very thankful , you deserve the world x

Good location. Friendly staff and I also leave this spur happy.

Went there yesterday for lunch. And wow the service was superb. I had stopped going to spur due to poor service. But your team there at Santa Cruz spur are amazing!!! Gave the manager there a compliment for the amazing waitress we had. Nothing was too much and there was alalways a smile and going the extra mile. Thank you very very much. Best service I've had at any restaurant in a long time .

Good food

Big, spacious, kid friendly. A little nicer than the average spur. ..........................................................................................................................

Big, spacious, kid friendly. A little nicer than the average spur. ..........................................................................................................................

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Spur Restaurant

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We had dinner here with our family from South Africa. Restaurant is situated in a mall. Nice and friendly staff and clean. There was enough choice and food was very good with friendly service. For smokers they have special area were you can smoke so you don't have to get out of the restaurant.
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Food and service very good. Breakfast well prepared. Good sevice. Mall just busy with renovations outside
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Food and service very good. Breakfast well prepared. Good sevice. Mall just busy with renovations outside
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About the Santa Cruz Spur

Don’t settle for any less than the best service, excellent food and time-honoured recipes that we serve here at Santa Cruz Spur family restaurant in Northmead. Our menu consists of all of the old favourites that have become somewhat iconic in family dining, thanks to our passionate and hard-working chefs who make every meal, a dish worth remembering.

Our pleasant and lively dining area provides a picturesque setting for wholesome family meals, but can also accommodate various occasions or celebrations. We often cater to business appointments over meals, birthday parties as well as romantic engagements, all under one roof. Our open-plan setting conveniently allows for patrons to enjoy their own personal space, whilst taking-in the vibrant atmosphere surrounding them.

Although our mouth-watering ribs are one of the main attractions here at Santa Cruz Spur in Northmead, we are far more than a ribs restaurant. Our menu is packed to the brim with recipes that we have developed over a number of years. Here you can discover classic dishes like tender steaks and our massive range of saucy burgers.

We never like to see anyone not having the best time possible, which is why Santa Cruz Spur family restaurant has made sure to include the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Play canyon for young patrons to explore

         ·Wireless access

Choose the family restaurant in Northmead that guarantees consistent quality and excellent servings of wholesome meals, when you choose to dine at Santa Cruz Spur. We love sharing our taste for life with each and every patron who walks through our doors and we look forward to welcoming you and your family real soon.

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