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Twin Peak Spur

Cape Town

Twin Peak Spur

Cape Town

Restaurant Reviews


Great dining experience

Excellent service, waitress Fatima was friendly and approachable, very efficient.

I was there on Monday with my family you have the best staff, Wayne, Abdul Baasit and Sa-aydien....you had run out of beef schnitzel...�. Will definitely be going back soon to celebrate a ���

Excellent service from twin peak. Enjoyed the meal and the management team were excellent! Our waiter was amazing and the food was enjoyable.

My kids had great time there so it was for them and I'm so happy about it.

Great quality foods and the service is good and friendly , my personal fav is the nachos and their oh so famous Buy one get one free deals on a monday

Thank you Twin Peak Spur for making me feel so special. You guys rock. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . Thanks Athena and the rest of the waitrons. What more could I want?

Whether it's a Burger Monday or Breakfast on a Saturday this place is always a good idea. This morning I went for for breakfast here and their food was delicious as always. I always told myself I'm unable to eat chicken livers if it's not from Nandos however I took a chance with their and I must say it was a good choice to add to me breakfast. The wait wasn't long for our food and the lattes was perfect. No toilets (the restrooms is the Ottery Hyper is PATHETIC) and No smoking section too.

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Spur Restaurant

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My family and I visited Twin Peak Spur last night 19.04.2017 and received the poorest serves ever experienced at any Spur in Cape Town, our order for double thick milkshake came without any spoons, the coleslaw ordered was sour, so I used my cell to call the shop for the manager to come to our table 043 because the waiter was absent for a long time she came and we asked her to also smell it and she refused with a very disgusted look on her face like(funny because she expected us to eat something she wouldn't even smell herself) I thinks she knew**wink wink**, I ordered a rib and chicken combo and hubby a big bear combo the 200g and 400g ribs looked the same size so we question his manager who then offered to take it back have it weighed and take a photo for us to see they are being truthful(she claim one was just over 400g and the other we scored a whole 100g as it weighed 300g) **yippee**not she did not care to produce the photo, cherry on top is that it was my daughter b.day and with all this we asked for the bill and she reminded us in the car that they did not sing the cool b.day song for her(which is not spurs fault but ours being so cheesed off with your manager crappy attitude), we paid for the kids meal and drinks and left at 20:14pm unhappy(but look on your footage how we laughed so not to spoil my 10yr olds b.day dinner completely) There is a waiter called Athena who usually serve us now that lady is manager material as she is spunky competent, professional and very customer orientated, I believe she is currently very ill best wishes for her speedy recovery
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My previous experience was good, this time around, I was disappointed: - in the long wait, the general poor service, no checking if we needed dessert and eventually my wife ended up going to the...
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My previous experience was good, this time around, I was disappointed: - in the long wait, the general poor service, no checking if we needed dessert and eventually my wife ended up going to the counter to ask for the bill. We waited long for our order with my steak not done to order. If I had to send it back, we might have waited a tad bit longer, so ate it as it - a bit too chewy for my liking. Normally I am not adventurous in wanting to try out new meals as many times I've been disappointed, so I try to take the same meal based on previous experience. The girls loved the place being of the play area ... We will give them another go sometimes and if not, go somewhere else.
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About the Twin Peak Spur

An outstanding family dining experience is what awaits you at our especially themed restaurant here at Twin Peak Spur in Ottery. Whether friends, couples or even younger patrons hope to indulge in one of our famous burgers, perfectly flame-grilled steaks, succulent racks of ribs, kids-friendly or vegetarian meals – all will most certainly be in for a treat. It is the former three signature dishes mentioned that have also made Spur a leading brand and an expert as far as family dining is concerned.

You and your group will be warmly welcomed right from the second you enter our doors up until you leave. All of our traditional dishes are carefully prepared according to the strict codes that have made our restaurant one of the best. Our inviting and originally-themed dining area offers service flexibility as we can easily cater for any group. We can handle the typical family dinner, romantic date, birthday party, staff lunch or basically any other get-together.

Here at Spur we go far beyond the norms of a standard steak restaurant chain. Our great selection of steaks, burgers and racks of ribs are perfectly prepared to ensure every bite is as wonderful as you’ve come to expect from Spur. Our commitment to service goes even further here at Twin Peak Spur as kids always find themselves right at home with the exciting activities at our Play Canyon.

Twin Peak Spur family restaurant also considers the specific needs of our customers and for this reason precisely offers the following:

         ·Facilities for the disabled

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Halaal foods

At Twin Peak Spur restaurant in Ottery, you can get excited about our unique family-oriented approach to dining that is sure to keep you and your family coming back – time and again.

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