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Tuscarora Spur

Piet Retief

Tuscarora Spur

Piet Retief


Ermelo Road, N2,, Sasol Piet Retief Alley, Piet Retief, Piet Retief, 2380

Monday : 8am-9pm
Tuesday : 8am-9pm
Wednesday : 8am-9pm
Thursday : 8am-9pm
Friday : 9am-9pm
Saturday : 8am-9pm
Sunday : 8am-9pm
Public Holidays : 8am-9pm
Christmas : Closed

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About the Tuscarora Spur

Good times are here to stay as we invite anyone and everyone down to Tuscarora Spur family restaurant in Piet Retief. Treat your family and friends to great flavour in every bite with our delicious Spur-sized portions of filling meals. We also go further to ensure a fun time for every member of the group with our outstanding hospitality and amenities.

We have spent years developing and refining the unique flavours that make us the best ribs, burger and steak restaurant for so many faithful patrons. The secret is in the way that our dedicated chefs prepare meals skilfully and take care to maintain high quality standards in every serving and in every item on your plate.

Celebrate any occasion with us as we cater for business lunches, birthday parties, romantic dates and any other special event you may have. Our family restaurant in Piet Retief offers a wonderfully-themed dining area that perfectly complements any occasion. Here patrons enjoy the vibrantly friendly service and meals especially prepared to satisfy any appetite.

What also makes Spur so unique is how we consider every member of the family. While adults enjoy pleasant food, conversation, laughter and more, kids can maximise their fun at our Play Canyon. It is safe, with plenty of creative and engaging options for them to have a great time here at Tuscarora Spur. We never like to see anyone without a smile on their face, which is why our family restaurant in Piet Retief also provides patrons with the following:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Wireless access

         ·Smokers’ section

So invite friends and family down to Tuscarora Spur restaurant in Piet Retief and try out our ribs, burgers and steaks, all flame-grilled to perfection.

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