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Burning Arrow Spur


Burning Arrow Spur



Queens Corner Centre, Cnr Soutpansburg Rd & Stead St, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0186

Monday : 7am-10pm
Tuesday : 7am-10pm
Wednesday : 7am-10pm
Thursday : 7am-10pm
Friday : 7am-11pm
Saturday : 7am-11pm
Sunday : 7am-10pm
Public Holidays : 7am-11pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


Burning Arrow Spur in Queenwood is the best! The staff is friendly and the food is excellent!

Kids always love to go to spur. Some day Spuris superb and other day above average. But never below.

nice excellence service.friendly staff

very nice friendly waiters

I eat here often and the food is usually of good quality, but not always exactly what I've ordered. The atmosphere is great and the waiters are very friendly, unless restaurant is full; then it's just too noisy. I would recommend this place but if you want a good experience, do not go during the peak hours specified on google. Then it's not worth it.

great kids play area could use more supervision. great food. good service. all and all not a good dining experience but not enough to get me to go back there

Been going here Mondays over the Budget period for the past two years now and am yet to be completely disappointed. Only weird thing (for me, at least) is when the staff break out into a line dance halfway through your meal.

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35 Reviews

Spur Restaurant

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We went for breakfast and had a quiet time with excelkent waiter Donna who serviced us. Food were great and very affordable. Be back
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Coming from overseas I always look forward to visiting the local Spur with my Mom. Enjoyed the friendly service and good food. Proper glass of wine with the lunch.
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Apparently this was the first Spur and people drive long distances to go here. Spur reminds me of 1970’s Australia where Pizza Hut was popular because Dad could get a beer, mum a nasty shandy maybe a white wine like blue nun??? And the food was acceptable to children. There is, I am told a Spur in Brisbane Australia. A quick google told me it was actually Sydney and Perth and logo here in Oz misses out on the Indian (Native American) headdress of feathers. I must admit I was a bit challenged by the logo; perhaps it is that Australians worry about this stuff too much, if the rainbow nation doesn’t see this as racist then maybe it’s not. Of course it could be that there is not high population of native Americans in Pretoria to be offended???? The only other Spur I have been to was in Cape Town when niece was four, over tired and desperate to do a runner. We spent most of that meal trying to stop her giving us the slip and running out the door. I was significantly impressed on that occasion with the staff singing happy birthday in several languages and the little clapping thing that was going on. This was repeated here. My aunt suggested this restaurant to stage our first meeting. I was told there was an excellent child’s play area so I had assumed the grand children were coming. They did not. Past bed time. I should have proposed our hotel instead, because I am basically a food snob. I was prepared to be underwhelmed. I had the prawn salad. Very small prawns. Husband had a steak which was more red meat than he gets most months. Aunty had a calamari dish. The food was not bad. It was not average. It was good for a franchise although I would not do the calamari. I didn’t have any it just did appeal to me visually. As an Australian who inhales calamari Greek, Italian, Chinese Vietnamese style this look Mehr. If you can tolerate more red meat in your South African food adventures- go the steak. Food was fine for franchise of this nature. It was superior to Park and Eat New Castle PA. Possibly matches to Applebee’s and Australian Sizzler before it went to heck in hand basket. Waiter was attentive. He spoke Afrikaans to Aunty too quick for me to follow. I would not normally go to a Spur unless I had a restless child. Toilets clean. Alcohol portions generous by Australian standards.
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About the Burning Arrow Spur

Wait no longer to share in the best meals, excellent service and enjoyable moments here at Burning Arrow Spur family restaurant in Queenswood. We are always excited to welcome first-timers and long-time Spur patrons to our famous venue, where they will definitely feel most welcome and thoroughly entertained.

Enjoy carefully prepared dishes of ribs, steaks, burgers and many more options here at Burning Arrow Spur. These are always cooked to perfection together with the best-loved original Spur tastes. We strive to treat every visitor to the specific flavours and aromas that make us the top choice for ribs, burgers and steaks in Queenswood and beyond. Our focus on reliable management and dependable staff selection means that we only hire experienced and passionate staff, who utilise the finest and freshest of ingredients.

We cater to any occasion, from business lunches, to kids’ birthday parties and always try our best to ensure that every member of the family is well looked after. This is achieved with the help of dedicated waitrons who simply love to share the Spur taste of life with every patron they interact with.

With us you also enjoy free wireless access to surf or catch up on some work. The Play Canyon is in itself a main attraction. Here kids can relax or enjoy the numerous fun activities available. We never like to see anyone in poor spirits, which is why we at Burning Arrow Spur family restaurant in Queenswood have made sure to include the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for disabled patrons

         ·Smokers’ section

Bring your entire family, group of friends or staff down to Burning Arrow Spur family restaurant. We promise to ensure your meal-orders, service and setting are of the high standards you’ve come to expect from our brand. Look forward to your next eat-out here in Queenswood.

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