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Texakhana Spur


Texakhana Spur


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Last night we couldn't decide what we felt like for dinner. So off we went to The Zone. We were each going to get something from food court. But the place we wanted something from had closed down. So off we went to Spur. I don't remember the last time I ate at a Spur, that didn't involve the kiddies menu. We ordered the shared spicy chicken wings to start and we both had burgers as our mains. It was really a great meal. Our waitress Sammy was amazing.

Great service by Tracy, very accommodating, sweet and friendly. Thank you Tracy

I simply LOVE halal Spur! I had the BEST ribs & chicken wings today and oh my word, gimme more!!! I've eaten here a few times and not once were we disappointed. The food is of excellent standard.

I enjoyed my birthday...the food was great, the music too. Linda

Good restaurant and good food..

Great stuff. An age old family friend that promises to deliever, evertyime. this particular establishment runs on the highest of standards and continues to grow from strength to strength

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Spur Restaurant

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The best tasting steak ever! with crispy onion rings and good service I couldn't have asked for better!
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Went in a large group of 15. With such a large group, not unusual for waiter/waitress to make mistakes on orders. Promptly rectified. Food quality average at best. Medium rare steaks came out close to medium-well. Ribs were dry and slobbered with sauce. Wings were OK. Chips and fried stuff were OK. Starters were good. Service staff initially enthusiastic. Subsequently began to ease off and became indifferent. When asked to replenish hot sauce, seemed unhappy and brought a different sauce. Any additional requests were met with disinterest. When bill arrived, had the cheek to insist for at least 10% in tips. Other staff were simply mingling around. Some even went to balcony to loiter and chit-chat. Very unprofessional. Will probably not visit again due to below average quality food. Should be treated as a fast food instead of a quality food restaurant.
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The Service is extremely wonderful. Waiters always willing to help and accommodate you. The Food is delicious and prepared exactly the way you want. This place Never disappoints us. Will always go back
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About the Texakhana Spur

Texakhana Spur in Rosebank is a uniquely family-oriented restaurant with a strong focus on sharing good times with great people. Whether you are seeking quality service, flavour-filled food or simply a night off from the mundane – you’re in for quite a treat when you visit us.
We make provisions for any nature of gathering, allowing us to afford individual attention to everyone who visits us. It’s not uncommon for both new and familiar faces to bring their friends and family along to share in special moments like birthdays, celebrations or even more intimate get-togethers.
One of the key features for many of patrons here at Texakhana Spur family restaurant in Rosebank is our extensive menu of course. This menu has been developed and refined over the years to consider any group of friends or family members. Included are our famous dishes such as ribs, burgers and steaks; but we also offer diverse variations such as cheddamelt steaks and schnitzels.
The Play Canyon is another area that demonstrates our focus on family time. This area is designed to keep your kids well entertained for as long as it takes for your food to arrive. Activities in and around this hub of fun include physically, mentally and creatively stimulating entertainment.
We love to share the Spur experience with as many people as possible, which is why we at the Texakhana Spur family restaurant have included the following amenities:
• Facilities for the disabled
• Smokers’ section
• Halaal-certified outlet
Here at the Texakhana Spur family restaurant we are more than just your average ribs restaurant. Our incredible food, coupled with our friendly service and unique family atmosphere, has made us one of the best destinations for families all around Rosebank.

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