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Choctaw Spur


Choctaw Spur



Shop 1, Royalyard Park, 1 - 9 Jacobus Smit Ave, Royldene, Kimberley, 8301

Monday : 7am-9:30pm
Tuesday : 7am-9:30pm
Wednesday : 7am-9:30pm
Thursday : 7am-9:30pm
Friday : 7am-10pm
Saturday : 7am-10pm
Sunday : 7am-9pm
Public Holidays : 7am-9pm
Christmas : Closed

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Their service was splendid. The waiter was friendly and the food was yummy.

Great atmosphere, service and friendly people

Friendly staff Quick service

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47 Reviews

Spur Restaurant

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Sad to say, but nothing impressive about our visit tonight. Food wasn’t great, atmosphere neither. Just an average experience and I don’t think I’ll return anytime soon. Sorry to say, but if you’re insisting on Spur I would rather try another branch.
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I stay in Cape Town and i have visited Kimberley for the weekend. On 28th April 2019 i visited Choctaw Spur for the late lunch, and i have experienced a bad treatment. At the reception i met 3 waitresses who literally failed to welcome as a customer, instead i had to watch as they refused to serve me. Eventually one of them decided to assist me and serve me, and i must comment her she ended up giving a good service. However as i was leaving i had chat with the same waitress about what happened as i was walking in, and she confirmed the fact that some waitresses do not want to serve black people due to fact that they don't tip. That really disappointed me and i hope the management can give more training to assist them to deal with such cases better next time. We unfortunately can be treated differently based on our colour of our skin. It's a pity i did not manage to get the name of the waitress, but she knows i thanked her for choosing to be a proper human being. I think she deserve a raise on her salary.
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We went to the Spur for their special on burgers and received great service and good food. I was pleasantly surprised when the electricity went off with load shedding, and seconds later the generators kicked in. They are clearly geared for continuous service under difficult circumstances.
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About the Choctaw Spur

Bring yourself, as well as the people you love most, down to the Choctaw Spur family restaurant in Royal Glen for a simply unforgettable dining experience. Choose from a wide variety of meals including Spur-sized portions of cheddamelt steaks, cheesy nachos as well as our famous racks of ribs and diverse range of famous burgers.


Our kitchen staff work incredibly hard to provide patrons with all of the famous dishes on our menu; this ensures that you receive the flavours and textures that have truly withstood the test of time. The attractively themed dining section enables us to handle any crowd; from families enjoying dinner to kids’ birthday parties. Our friendly waitrons and managers are also always on hand to quickly and effectively deal with any queries you may have.

The Play Canyon here at our Choctaw Spur restaurant in Royal Glen is a part of our great commitment to family dining. In this special area, your kids can safely partake in a number of activities, while parents can enjoy this convenience over their wonderful meals and hearty conversation.

At our Spur in Royal Glen we also maintain the following amenities to ensure great times for all patrons:

         ·Facilities for the disabled

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

Come on down and visit the Choctaw Spur family restaurant in Royal Glen and find out exactly why we have become the best choice for so many South African families. Our unique approach to family dining continues to keep new and familiar faces fully satisfied and always looking forward to come again.

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