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Little Creek Spur

Cape Town

Little Creek Spur

Cape Town

Restaurant Reviews


Excellent service and felt at home. My family enjoyed time spent there and will definitely becoming again

We had a lovely time! Food was Devine! Will definitely visit again�

food was quick,tasty and staff were pleasant... The manager Romeo diffused an issue in the playground also where a bigger child was following my 2 younger daughters around being mean af to the point my 4 year old was afraid. Romeo quickly sorted THAT and spent time reassuring the children so that was really nice. All round best experience yet... we also hope that parents stop teaching CHILDREN about superior race then this prejudice based on appearance will end.besides, my kids lighter shades are as african as the next... when that bs rearing stops then there would be better experiences all around this country as a whole. And that's not a spur problem its an attitude issue from patrons. Spur did awesomely tonight. From khoena descendants.

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Spur Restaurant

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This is great for a kids meal out. There is an area for them to play and be entertained while you order food and wait for it. Our waiter was not the brightest crayon in the box. He didn't check on us, couldn't get the drinks order correct, some of the food was late arriving and then he overcharged us. However having said that the manager was really good, checked on us several times so we had ample opportunity to say something to him. Although we weren't impressed with the waiter the manager was on point. However, the service wasn't the only issue. We had the 3 for 2 steak special. Two of the steaks were cold. The jalapenos on one of them was old so there was no spice to it. When we asked for the bill it took a really long to time to arrive, so we got up to pay at the front desk. When the bill arrived we had been charged for all 3 steaks, rather than the get one free. When I pointed this out to our waiter I was told, well you got up from your table too quickly, blaming us for his mistake. Although not the best experience overall it was still very good for a children's visit and at least we were in good company of family
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Whenever I visit Tokai From the USA I tend to have the opportunity to eat here several times with my friends and colleagues. I have never been disappointed with either the food or service. The...
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Our waiter was the most horrible waiter ever ! He gave us our food and never once checked on us to see if we needed anything or asked us how our food was. I ordered ribs and they normally bring you...
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About the Little Creek Spur

Here at Little Creek Spur family restaurant in Tokai we take great pride in providing an exceptional dining experience for everyone from kids to grandparents. Our menu is chockfull of familiar favourites including our famous steaks, delicious burgers and tender racks of ribs, all of which have made us stand out of the crowd.


All of the items on our menu are prepared with great care by our skilled staff, using only the best ingredients. This ensures a wholesome meal; exactly what you’ve come to expect from South Africa’s ever-popular Spur family restaurants. Our venue also provides the ideal place to share your favourite meal with the family, host one of your kids’ birthday parties or simply enjoy a business lunch.

Little Creek Spur is far more than your average burger, ribs or steak restaurant franchise. Here we take great pride in ensuring that all of our diners are well taken care of, from the moment they step through our doors. Whether you’ve chosen to enjoy one of our steaks, burgers or racks of ribs, you can rest assured of meals served to your personal preferences, coupled with efficient service all the way through.

Youngsters have always been more than welcome at Spur and this is highlighted by our on-site Play Canyon. Here your little ones can engage in a number of activities including video games and artwork, among others.

The Spur family restaurant in Tokai also has the following amenities to accommodate all of our valuable patrons’ unique needs:

         ·Facilities for disabled persons

         ·Smoking area

         ·Wireless access

Little Creek Spur family restaurant in Tokai is the best place to share a great meal with friends and loved ones. Our family-oriented approach to dining has made us an ever-present force when it comes to combining sumptuous dishes, a welcoming environment and friendly service. Pay us a visit today and try out one of our classic favourites. 

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