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Big Creek Spur


Big Creek Spur


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Best service with excellent people and very friendly

Cathy your the best...sal beslis wee gaan net om diens van haar te ontvang...well done girl you deserve a gold medal for your service...keep up the good work...

What a lovely service...Friendly staff...Must admit did feel welcome...The waitress wow she should get a stAr/gold one great job well done...***

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Spur Restaurant

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warm and friendly staff. can cater to any needs and very affordable for everyone. Close by to all amnesties and very safe and secure parking facilities
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Stick to the standard of the menu the burger i had was not up to spur standards it is supposed to have gherkins on only had one tomato and a tea spoon of lettuce
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My hubby is a Spur fan. I guess it is the spare-ribs that has him hooked. Speaking for myself, I still have to find something on the menu that would entice me to go back for more. I like healthy food and I find most of what I had ordered in the past to be very oily or starchy. If I had many other options I would not visit the Spur. About 20 years ago Spur restaurants had the most wonderful healthy "home baked" bread with raisins and seeds in it. I would love a platter with that bread, paté and cheeses.They also had apple pie to dream of. What happened to all of that? Their desserts seem very plastic and unhealthy.
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About the Big Creek Spur

The Big Creek Spur family restaurant here in Vredendal would like to invite you and your family to join us for an unforgettable dining experience. If you are looking for precisely prepared food, in an pleasant setting and combined with unmatched service, then you won’t be disappointed. Our menu is filled with our traditionally popular burgers, steaks, ribs as well as a number of other tantalising dishes bursting with Spur’s unique flavours!


Our warm, inviting staff members are always on hand to ensure that your dining experience in Vredendal is pleasant for you and your family or guests. Our kitchen crew are well trained in the skilful art of creating delectable flame grilled food using only the finest ingredients along with Spur’s famous recipes. Each plate is carefully put together to ensure you and your family enjoy a great meal done to perfection. As the steak restaurant of choice, our comprehensive offering still allows us to accommodate your unique preferences, for instance our vegetarian line.

Special occasions like kids’ birthdays call for suitable settings and our family restaurant is the ideal venue for great kiddies’ meals, as well as delightful entertainment thanks to our Play Canyon. Our lively atmosphere and characteristic setting makes our restaurant equally enticing for an intimate dinner for two. We firmly endorse comfort and easy access to all patrons, and subsequently also offer the following amenities:

         ·Facilities for disable persons

         ·Smokers’ section

         ·Wireless access

Whether you’re in the mood for our famous steaks, saucy burgers or meaty racks of ribs; the Big Creek Spur family restaurant in Vredendal will ensure that you leave with only the fondest memories of the best food and remarkable service!

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